Top 10 places in Europe

There are so many beautiful places in Europe, we visited only a part. Here we composed our list of top 10 place in Europe by votes of all family members.

1.Edinburgh – simply fabulous, old buildings, the castle above the city, museums, the zoo, pubs and shops, everything like in Harry Potter movie or simply the place that must be visited.


2. Valencia – gorgeous city by the sea. It preserved its personality with nice neighborhoods, old-school stadium, a modern quarter with aquarium and dolphinarium, museums, the cathedral with Holy Grail and numerous restaurants and shops. Not to be forgotten – the beach, long sandy beach 🙂


3. Palma de Mallorca – a nice place for summer holidays with beaches all around the city. The city has a monumental Cathedral and a nice old town. Really beautiful place.

Palma de Mallorca

4. Inverness – a small town in the north of Scotland by the River Ness. Close to Loch Ness and its famous monster.


5. London – everything is known here. No need to write about this monumental city. Kids liked the promenade on the south bank of the River Thames, all the landmarks we visited and shopping streets.


6. Chania – a small, beautiful town in the west part of the Island of Crete with mixed Venetian, Greek, and Ottoman influence.


7. Aberdeen – well, this is a surprise on this list. Not too much in tourist brochures, but we loved the promenade by the North Sea, the Maritime Museum and the town center.


8. Madrid – a huge city with a lovely center and the Royal Palace, museums and of course Prado gallery. Not to forget Santiago Bernabeu stadium.


9. Glasgow – the 4th entry from Scotland on our list. Not promoted as a tourist destination, but for us, it has enough attractions to spend 3 days in it. Nice walk by the river where you can find museums, lovely city center, and parks.


10. Florence – only entry from Italy, too crowded with tourists, but still beautiful and worth of visit.


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