A week in Valencia

For this summer we decided to choose a nice and interesting coastal city in Spain. After short search we decided that it will be Valencia. And we didn’t made a mistake!

What a lovely and beautiful city! We stayed in apartment just by the beach and traveled every day with metro (yes they have it and it looks like it’s built yesterday) to the city centre, ticket was only 0,72euros! This part of the town is called La Malvarossa and still have streets full of old houses like this:

The beach is miles long and … sandy!!! Perfect for kids, sandcastles, sunbath and walking.

The Promenade by the beach is also miles long and full of shops and bars.

Near is the Harbour, the venue for America’s Cup and Formula 1 races few years ago.

Next stop is historical centre of Valencia. The main attraction is the Cathedral which houses no less than the Holy Grail.

Other main attractions are Mercat Central (the central market) and La Lonja – medieval grandiose building with the main body of the building – the Trading hall. Also, many shops are located in the Carrer de Colon and nearby and as our expert said, they are very good!

Just near the centre is Mestalla stadium, home of Valenicia Football Club, we enjoyed on stadium tour which lasts almost 1h.

One thing that no-one should avoid when visiting Valencia is of course a line of parks located on the former riverbed together with marvellous piece of architecture – City of Arts and Oceanographic (architect is famous Valencian Santiago Calatrava.

We spent 2 days visiting first Oceanographic (with Dolphinarium and Aquarium) and later Science Museum and parks. Hint: there are shopping malls near… 2nd hint: the is was a big line for tickets in Oceanographic, try to buy it online.

At the end of this great week we took a bullet train from Joachim Sorolla station to Madrid and spent there 3 days.

Our recommendations:

  • Shopping: in the streets of Carrer de Colon and Carrer de Menorca
  • Sightseeing: The old town, City of the Arts, Mestalla stadium
  • Activities: the beach, Oceanographic

Here are our videos from one of our best cities we visited so far:

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