A weekend in Osijek, Croatia

We thought about this for a while and decided to make a small overview of our hometown. This will not be objective, but first we must say that Osijek is the most lovely town in the world.

With the population of around 100.000 it is a capital of Slavonia (eastern part of Croatia).


Most significant things in Osijek:
Mursa – ancient Roman colony in eastern part of Osijek (Archeological museum)
– Riverfront – river Drava promenade
– Tvrdja – the Fort
– centre of Osijek with art-nouveau buildings and co-cathedral
– NK Osijek – our football club, stronger every day
– many bike and walking routes
– parks
– shopping (lately Osijek became a shopping destination)


So, here our small plan how you should spend a weekend in Osijek:
Friday afternoon
Visit Gornji Grad of the centre of Osijek, where you can walk through Europska Avenija (Art Nouveau buildings), visit co-cathedral.
Alternative is to go to the other side of the river and visit Osijek Zoo, also there is a nice panorama of Osijek from that side of the river!

Saturday morning:
Every first saturday in the month there is an Antique market in the main square in Tvrdja.
In the town centre, specially on the Promenade there are lots of people around noon, drinking coffee. If you want see whole town out, this is the right time
Also, if you want to see something special, visit river promenade and walk from the centre to Tvrdja, or even to Donji grad – this is a must for photo-lovers.

Saturday afternoon:
Visit Tvrdja and one of museums: Museum of Slavonia (Main square in Tvrdja), Archeological museum (Main square in Tvrdja) or Museum of Fine Art (Europska Avenija – Centre). Walk on the fortification wall (north east part of Tvrdja), see Vodena vrata (Water gate), visit two churches in Tvrdja.

Saturday evening:
A game at Gradski vrt stadium where is the home of NK Osijek. The club is one of the top Croatian clubs. If you want to feel the passion and watch some Croatian football, this is the right place!


If you want to visit cafes, the best place at the evening is main square in Tvrdja.

Alternative could be visit to one shopping centre on the outskirts of the town (open on Saturday and Sunday till 21h).

Sunday morning:
Pretty close and very interesting sites near Osijek are Vučedol Culture Museum (Vučedol is one of the most significant archaeological sites in Europe) near Vukovar and Kopacki rit, a nature park 20kms from Osijek where you can visit nice boardwalk over the swamp or take a guided boat tour through the wetland.

Alternative is to take a bike and drive along riverfront, go to the northern side of the river or try to wander through other parts of Osijek.
Bike routes in Osijek






  • Pedestrian bridge
  • Concathedral
  • Drava promenade
  • Fortification – Water door

around Osijek:

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