3 days in Edinburgh

First town we visited on our trip to Scotland was Edinburgh. We came from Glasgow Airport with a train to Waverley Station. Our hotel was Travelodge Edinburgh Learmonth Hotel placed in a nice street just outside the city centre.

After a walk along Princess street we spent afternoon roaming the old town. The Royal Mile was full of tourists as Edinburgh Festival was on the way.

On the second day we visited Edinburgh Castle and mostly everything inside, including National War Museum. Lovely place for taking pictures!

Later, we found a lovely fish&chips bar at George IV Bridge street and then spent afternoon in National Museum of Scotland. Kids enjoyed particulary Natural World galleries and Science and Technology galleries. It is a good advice to go on the roof as the view is breathtaking.

Third day, we spent half of the day in Edinburgh Zoo, where we enjoyed in watching Penguins, Rhino, Monkeys… We haven’t got any luck with Panda this time, it was inside his shelter.

Last hours in this beutiful city we spent in Princess Street Gardens and Rose Street.


  • Edinburgh Castle
  • National War Museum
  • National Museum of Scotland
  • Edinburgh Zoo
  • The Royal Mile

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