A day in Chania, Crete

We took a bus from Rethymno to Chania and spend a day in the most beautiful town on the island. We started from the Municipal Market of Chania a big building made in a shape of cross. We just walked and check all the local products.


We entered Chaldon street which took as directly to the port. We visited Cathedral of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary (Trimartiri) which dates back to 14th century.


In the Venetian harbour we stopped for a coffee in one of many cafes and then starting tour with Kloutsuk Hasan mosque (Glali Camici), Great Arsenal and the Dominican Temple of St Nikolas. Then turn back to the port by wondering in the narrow streets of Kasteli full of shops.




Next target was the western part of the port where we visited Fika Fortress and Maritime Museum of Crete. Museum has many models of ships and nautical objects which was very interesting for our kids. Also, one part is dedicated to the Battle of Crete in WWII.



Then, we started to wonder in the small streets of this part Chania (Topanas and Evraiki) which is full of small shops and restaurants. It reminds us to Northern Croatian coast.


Our recommendations:

  • Shopping: streets near Venetian harbour
  • Drink: bars in Venetian harbout
  • Sightseeing: Maritime museum, churches, walk through narrow street of this old town



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