A day in Heraklion

Heraklion(Iraklio) is the biggest city on Crete with about 150.000 residents. We spent a day in Heraklion taking a bus trip from Rethymno where we was located for 10 days as part of our holiday on this wonderful island.

In the morning we visited Knossos which is considered as Europe’s oldest city. It is the largest Bronze Age archeological site on the island and it is a simple must-see location for every history loving tourist.

The palace of Knossos was the centre of the Mionan civilization. This was really impressive, just keep attention on the summer sun as you are mostly under no cover. Kids loved to hear legends from greek mithology, but also the whole history of the site.


Later, we were in the centre of Heraklion in Archaelogical Museum where we spent an hour or two looking at most important finds from Minoan civilization, mostly from Knossos. Kids loved the small model of the Knossos palace which gave the them overview how it looked in its time.

After museum we start with sightseeing and take the Dedalou street which brought as to Morosini Lions fountain, Venetian fountain with four lions with water gushing from their mouths.

We take a sit near the fountain and lunched at Pl. Kallergon. Then we took a shortest route to the seafront with 21is Avgoustou street. There are two attraction in that street, Venetian Loggia and the Church of Saint Titus where we enjoyed investigating the interior.


Ten minutes later, we were at the old Venetian Harbour and we walked to the Koules, the Venetian fortress, the symbol of the city.

After numerous pictures and videos in the harbour we walked back to the city centre we spend an hour or two shopping in the streets of 21is Avgoustou, Dedalou and Dikeosinis street. At the end we walked to Elephtherias Square near Archeologial Museum where jumped on the bus which took as back to Rethymno.


Our recommendations:

Sightseeing: Knossos, Venetian Port of Heraklion

Drink: Pl. Kallergon (Lions Square)

Kids loved: Legends of Knossos, parts of Arch. Museum

Shopping: 21is Avgoustou, Dedalou and Dikeosinis street


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